About Us

Who We Are

In 2012 Global Consumer Innovations, LLC was introduced to Super Absorbent Polymer technology. Immediately we could see 100s of potential uses for products containing this technology. Although we discovered the technology had been around for almost 20 years in everything from Diapers to Sandless Sandbags, we felt it could be improved and expanded upon.

Our belief was simple, the products needed to be affordable, high quality, and American made. So, in late 2013 we partnered with PBE of Ohio for the use of their proprietary, patented, super absorbent technology and with Envision, Inc. of Wichita, KS for manufacturing and labor. Since 1933 Envision has been manufacturing many high quality products for the US federal government and is currently the second largest employer in the US of the visually impaired. PBE, since the mid 1980’s has been a leader in super absorbent polymer products and technologies.

The marriage of our 3 companies and our respective core competencies has brought our vision into reality with 5 revolutionary super absorbent products and counting...

Corporate Responsibility

Our PASSION is providing innovative solutions to everyday problems - Our MISSION is to improve the everyday lives of consumers through superior quality products. Our CULTURE is that of corporate and environmental responsibility. Our BELIEF is that we can do GOOD while also doing well.