Check out our super absorbent products.

Deluge's super absorbent products: sandless sandbags sandless tubes super sheets .

Flood Protection

Our Sandless Sandbags are clean, compact and lightweight so they can be stored anywhere prone to flash flooding or accidental water damage.

Seamless Water Barrier

Deluge Tubes are a perfect fit for doorways and window sills. At 5" wide and 36" long they are a perfect fit and lightweight. Dry weight of .5 lbs and 12 lbs once activates, these tubes are the best solution for stopping floods from entering your doorway.

Rapidly Absorbs Spills

The Super Sheet will absorb most liquids in only moments. Once the liquid is absorbed, the Super Sheet will hold the liquid with no messy drippings or residue. Great to have for those unexpected messes.

1 case = 900lbs of sand

Weighing less than 1lb dry, anyone can use them to prepare for flooding. Works just like a traditional sandbag weighing up to 45lbs when activated!

Amazing for Many Uses

Our Deluge Tubes can be used to protect against leaks, such as appliances or water heaters. Because they are lightweight and flexible they can be used anywhere you have potential water damage.

Great Savings

A single (1) Super Sheet will absorb the same amount of liquid as two and half (2 1/2) rolls of paper towels. Once absorbed, the Super Sheet is easily disposable and biodegradable.

Easy on the Environment

All Deluge products are biodegradable. The transport and storage of Deluge Sandless Sandbags reduce the use of carbon-producing fossil fuels compared to extreme requirements of traditional sandbags.